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Filed under: Emak, Emak-General | Tags: | December 2nd, 2009

i have been very busy.

i haven’t been doing so much in the kitchen.

no baking, no attempt in trying new recipes.

no beads making.

no golfing.

not so much good photos that i produce.

no writing, no poems as you might notice.

i have been very bad for not replying emails, messages, sms from dear friends. please forgive me.  i haven’t even updated all of you with my new cell number. yes, i have been very bad. i would love to meet you in person but i keep on failing to squeeze myself a time. 

my computer keeps on out of order, few days it was ok and now it’s kaput again.

nothing much basically.

i haven’t been doing anything that i like since august last year.

but…. i just picked up knitting at least.

it’s been over 4 months since i left manado.

the above photo was taken mid this year, it’s a kind of a knocked on my head that i must soon go back on track.

yes, you must syl . . .

4 Responses

  • nana | December 12th, 2009 @ 20:11 | Reply

    Halo Mbak,
    Ditunggu lho tulisan2nya yg inspiratif & foto2nya yg cantik seperti yg di atas itu lagi… :)

  • widi | December 19th, 2009 @ 04:18 | Reply

    Hai.. mbak, jumpa lagi.. aku dah lama bangeud offline smp blog ku yg dulu terbengkalai.. seneng deh bisa mampir sini.. ;)

  • alaya | January 15th, 2010 @ 18:23 | Reply

    fotonya bagus banget. itu dimana?

  • Dian ibunya Gaung | January 18th, 2010 @ 21:55 | Reply

    mbak… apa kabar? wehehehehe… lamaaaaaaa banget ya aku nggak halo2… kayaknya kita kenalan di blog dari zaman baheula… hehe…. waktu itu aku baru hamil apa ya? skrg anakku sdh 5 thn mbak. weh, time flies, huh? kabar2i lagi mbak….

    have a nice life @ bogor!

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