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Learning How to Play Chess

Filed under: Cemara | Tags: | February 10th, 2005

Do you know how to play chess ?

I am still learning. I learn it from a book called “Chess for Children” which I borrowed from the School Library. When I went to the library I saw this book but the staff said I could not borrow it. I said, why? She said it is nearly exam week – so I should study. She said, that the Head of School said so to her.

But I only wanted to make photocopy of the book. When I have free time I can learn. She said, no you can not. I was so dissapointed.

The next day, I asked my friend Grace to talk in Myanmar language to the staff and told her that I only wanted to make photocopy and will return the book the next day. The staff agreed. But I did not make a copy, I remembered I could google how to place chess in the internet. But, I could only do it after exam week said, Mama.

3 Responses

  • Rai | February 10th, 2005 @ 23:17 | Reply

    allo..lam kenal kak cemara! kalo dah pinter main catur ntar aku diajarin yaks

  • Zubia | February 15th, 2005 @ 10:10 | Reply

    Alow kak Cemara…Zubia boleh kenalan ndak nih?

  • Zubia | February 17th, 2005 @ 02:48 | Reply

    Kak Cemara, makasih ya udah nengok Zubia. Blognya Zubia link ya kak, biar gampang kalo main lagi:-D Salam buat mama ya kak..

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