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Taco with Minced Beef

Filed under: Daging | Tags: | July 26th, 2007

When the need for a simple Mexican Dish is on the tip of your tounge and you are too lazy to go out. Try this one, it’s so mouth watering – of course, if you have all the ingredients at home.

Thank you to Jezzy who sent me the Taco Seasoning plus more than 35 different spieces all the way from Bali through the kindest help of Mrs. Christine Buchli who brought them to Hanoi. I love you all.

This was what I had for lunch today. Yummy!

* 500 gram minced beef
* half package of taco seasoning ( i used mccormick’s)
* 1 package taco shells
* water

Toppings: (mix all together)
* shredded lettuce
* chopped tomato
* shredded cheese
* sour cream

Brown minced beef; drain well. Add water and seasonings. Heat up the tacos shells in the oven. Place cooked meat in taco shells; top with the topping mixture.

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