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i am back

Filed under: Deep inside | Tags: | August 18th, 2008

i am back in hanoi. me and cemara only.
after spent 1.5 months holiday back in manado, north sulawesi.
cemara starts schooling today.

i am back.
it was nice to enter the kitchen again yesterday.
i badly miss cooking and baking.

i am back.
i was deadly tired.
but i managed to cook simple dish for dinner last night.

i am back.
with my 50 mm/1.4 lens fixed.
even it costs me a fortune to have it done.

i am back.
but i must bid farewell to my dear friends, chama and christoph.
thank you for coming last night, all the best and stay in touch.

i am back.
to my daily routines life.
still, without my better half next to me.

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