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i just turned 38 yesterday, hopefully getting wiser, though.

thank you so much for sending me the birthday’ wishes, a very thoughtful of you :

  • to you, who flew from overseas all the way to hanoi to celebrate my birthday few days in advance with the birthday present that made my jaw dropped and the cute advance birthday dinner. dan ibadah jamaah bersamanya.
  • to you, who managed to send the wish just few seconds after midnight through yahoo messenger.
  • to you and you, who sent text messages few minutes also after midnight and during sahur time.
  • to my daughter, your hugs and kisses in the morning …. were unspeakable.
  • to all of you, whom conveyed the birthday’ wishes through text messages, yahoo messenger, facebook, friendster, multiply, and internations.
  • to all of you, who called me from overseas.
  • to you, who managed to come for an interesting powerful morning chit-chat with flowers.
  • to all of you, for sending me so many birthday cards and beautiful flower bouquets which make me like an instant flower shop owner – it’s like a dream comes true.
  • to you, who came for afternoon coffee at my place with gorgeous crystal gift.
  • to you, who came with buckets of ice cream, your smiles and usual warmth laughs made my apartment alive at early evening.
  • and…. to you, yes… to you who sent belated birthday’s wish via email.

thank you so very much . . .

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