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I know I know

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This post has no intention to promote any particular product, but lemme tell you – this one is a ‘killing’.

In my case, there will be times when my body clock sends me a message that I am in a desperately need to munch on a nice yummy biscuit or simply nib them when you are not in the good mood. It helps me a lot.

So, biscuit with chocolate would be the best one. Since chocolate makes people happy. I have a good excuse, don’t I ?

Since I arrived here in Hanoi, I found this biscuit which I think it is sent from heaven he..he..he… I tell you the truth – I often close my eyes when Milano, Double Chocolate enters my mouth.

I don’t take much, 1-2 biscuits are enough. Then I clip it’s packaging with a peg and put it nicely again in the cupboard, make sure they are there for me when the need strikes me.

I know I know, it’s not a good choice for snacking – but, sometimes I can’t help. In between chewing on oranges, apples, dragon fruits, tomatoes – I need it for a change.

Can I ?

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