the story of a lady and a young woman


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a poem by cemara ‘maya’ antonio, my daughter
keep on writing dear darling daughter
be always my special one

- – - – -

photo by momma syl
a front view of where we live


you pulled me up from the ashes
you offered me ease
i clung to your presence
time and time we acknowledged
up til’ one time
it all just seemed different
you take no account that I was there
they scrawled over your lips
denounce the lies
what did I ever do,
to this day i still have no clue
you crippled me badly
it was all a jape
it’s amazing that you build me up
then propel me back to the ground
time has been good on my behalf
but i’ll never pay heed to your abandonment
i was left behind,
but i won’t be,
ever again.

by cemara ‘maya’ antonio

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  • hani | March 6th, 2009 @ 16:45 | Reply

    nice poem kaka :-)

    apa kabar bu syl?

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