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Girls Can't What ?

Filed under: Emak-General | Tags: | November 20th, 2007

Girls can play soccer !


Cemara’s school is part of Mekong River International School Association (MRISA) and she is one of the Girls Junior Soccer and Softball Team of Hanoi International School. This coming Friday and Saturday, they will play against among other International Schools students who come from Cambodia, Laos, Ho Chi Minh City and other International School in Hanoi and hopefully next year Cemara could also participate on Cultural Exchange in Thailand.

Cemara and one of UNIS girls

I wonder when do you grow and get taller, darling . . .
She is much taller than her mom now

Let’s get some water

These pictures taken last week during a friendly match against United Nations International School.

Good luck Girls ! You can do it !

4 Responses

  • Gretchen Cawthon | November 21st, 2007 @ 00:26 | Reply

    The title of your post caught my attention. It is the name of my web site: Girls Can’t WHAT? Best of luck to the team! :wink:

  • nurani | November 22nd, 2007 @ 23:09 | Reply

    good luck Kaka!

    anyway, did you watch England last night?
    better to get used to it from now, european cup without England :(

  • hani | November 23rd, 2007 @ 10:42 | Reply

    wah hebat nih si kaka bisa maen bola en sofbol. maen sofbolnya diposisi apa ka? tante dulu pitcher lho :wink:

  • shanty | November 24th, 2007 @ 00:55 | Reply

    hai syl… lama banget nih gak pernah mampir…:lol:
    waduh…waduh… cemara hebat euy!!!!

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