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I am entering my 3rd week without Papap is around. He is currently far away in Manado – to look after this property. Most probably he would be there for 1-3 months. I simply have to omit a word ‘miss’ in my life dictionary in order to have my days smoothly going. Anyway, time flies like fingers’ clicks, they said – we are looking forward to summer break which is only 2 weeks to go where Cemara will ends her school, so we could fly down to Manado.

Reading is one of the things that I intensively do since he left. Currently I am reading Thanks for the Memories of Cecelia Ahern (the writer of P.S. I love you). This is my third book that I read from hers. Again, the setting of the story is in Ireland. You may simply google about the book. The book has forced me to take some notes of the interesting paragraph that I read. Lots of pages that I highlighted the sentences, one of them is the following :

It suddenly occurs to me that he hasn’t been into the city for years. It all became too fast for him, buildings suddenly sprouting up where there weren’t any, roads with traffic going in different directions from before. With great sadness he sold his car too, his failing eyesight too much of a danger for him and others on the roads. Seventy-five years old, his wife dead ten years. Now he has a routine of this own, content to stay around the local area, chatting to his neighbors, church every Sunday and Wednesday, Monday Club every Monday, butchers on a Tuesday, his crosswords, puzzles and TV shows during the days, his garden all the moments in between.

The above paragraph reminds me of my late dad who always cried if I drove him to town since he could not drive anymore. My late grandpa and father in law always had their particular days to go here and there. My late grandma loved to do crosswords, puzzles, listen to ghost stories from the radio, waiting for RCTI to be aired after lunch, did her gardening, played table tennis with me, baked and even until we were in high school she would let us running around under the rain while she made us something nice in the kitchen (I grew up in Rain City – arrgghh.. I haven’t been there for over 2 years now). I miss them so much – reminds me also to send prayers more often.

Last Friday I got my June’s O Magazine (O for Oprah). Yes! I could get it here in Hanoi. There is one advertisement in this edition that really caught my attention. It’s the Curvation’s ad. Every time I look undergarment advertisements, they always present them on a model with OMG shape of body (OMG = Oh My God! – since I don’t have that type of shape no more). But, Curvation’s ad is so distinguished, they present the undergarment with curvaceous model (Curvaceous = reads ‘montok‘ in Bahasa). I could only wish when I see the ad.
(I always struggle to find the correct and comfortable undergarment, don’t you?).

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