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For Cemara, on Her 14th Birthday

Filed under: Special Day | Tags: | August 5th, 2008

It’s your birthday, but we got the gift…
a gentle, sweet, beautiful daughter
who is always a pleasure to be with

You glow with sensitivity and compassion
generated from the depths
of your warm heart and and kind soul.

A loving daughter,
a little girl full of the joy of life,
that’s you.

Anyone who spends time with you
is privileged to know
such an extraordinary person.
You are a great joy in our lives.

We love you and cherish you and treasure you
and wish that every one of your birthdays
will be the happiest yet.

Happy Birthday, Nak.

a recent photo when cemara dived in bunaken, north sulawesi.

2 Responses

  • dita | August 5th, 2008 @ 20:29 | Reply

    happy bday ya kakak Cemara!! Yang terbaik buat kakak. Hugs and kisses dari the krucils.

  • astri | August 14th, 2008 @ 21:42 | Reply

    ya Allah… cemara dah 14 taoooonnn? wuiiih, dah gede aja sih mbak… happy belated birthday cemara… :)
    mbak seru banged baru mudik 1.5 bulan… aku nih baru bisa akhir taon ini… insyaAllah sih… udah ampir 4 taon gag nengokin keluarga.. huhuhu kangeeeeeeen…

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