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i am very lucky to be able to convert one of my camera bodies to become an IR (infra-red) camera before i left for cambodia. and the above is the result which i am very happy with – taken in siem reap, cambodia.  plus had a golden chance to learn loads of things in capturing point of interest, etc. with harlim, the expert in IR and photography. bang harlim… i could not put it into words how grateful i am …. thank you so very much.

lucy burtin in hanoi
: ibu… thank you so much for all your assistance in having my 350D arrived at harlim’s. furthermore,… please hurry up, convert yours at soonest ;) .

darl.. thank you so much also for supporting me ;) .

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  • Sweety | November 26th, 2008 @ 19:12 | Reply

    Sumpah!!!! Ini foto keren banget…..
    Mana cerita dari foto trip di Cambodia, katanya mau nulis trus di upload di kompas….
    Ditunggu lho….:)

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