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Title : Sigh . . . . .

I have been in a very low standpoint lately by missing my dad, family, and all those good old days memories of home. Sigh . . . . .

Since Wednesday I have been missing to see bright sky some more. I believe the weather in mostly parts of the world has been very odd. Doesn’t perform any better too here in Hanoi.

The missing feeling was cured for a while yesterday. I managed to chit-chat with one of my twin cousins yesterday. Had a good laugh and lemme confess, I had some tears dropped too. Ton… soon you will understand that if you are far away from home, tears is becoming our closed friend once in a while.

My cousin is accepted on a full schoolarship in one of the universities in South Korea and will be leaving tomorrow. Wish you all the best and take care, Bro. Mama and Papa must be very proud of you. I wish Grandma could be with us to share this good news. Sigh . . . . .

Family, home, and blue sky that will be the best medicine for me now which I can’t have any at the moment.

But, I am lucky to have so many good friends around, the above picture is given by one of them. A picture of Cathedral Church Tower in Bogor, where home is with its gorgeous blue sky.

*Bang, thanks a zillion for forwarding the medicine to Hanoi. Picture is courtesy of Igor Firdauzi.

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