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Title : Door knob & Frangipani

The photo is fresh out from the oven !

One of the shots I got from today’s photo hunting trip to Perfume Pagoda with Ibu Lucy B. Burtin. It was quite a long journey from Hanoi. After nearly 2 hours of driving, we had to catch a boat, a little bit of trekking, a pretty scary cable car ride since I have an acrophobia. What else ? Oh, there were hundreds of up and down steps which are good to tighten my legs though and at last we finally reached the Perfume Pagoda.

I saw the unique door knobs, one of them as shown above at the entrance of Thien Tru Pagoda just before we went on a cable car ride. I could feel the sacred feeling when I entered the Pagoda which is now under a big renovation.

I was stunned to see some frangipani laying on the floor at the entrance of Thien Tru Pagoda which took my mind away.

Frangipani . . . . .
Reminds me of Bali.
Reminds me of home.
Reminds me that I haven’t gone back home this year.

It’s quite a tiring trip, but it is paid off with the awesome shots I got and simply a nice day out on photo hunting trip for the busy mommies to have break for a while from our daily routines.

Ibu Lucy, thank you for the trip today ! Let’s do it again some other time ;).

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