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Judul : Thank You

I had a great 17 days break last month from our daily routine. I don’t want to complain about living in Mandalay, I enjoy every second of it dengan segala kekurangannya. However, who does not love holiday? I do!.

I left Mandalay earlier than Papap and Cemara. Had one day in Yangon with Bona, it was wonderful (Thank you so much for everything, Bon. I will see you again in Yangon next month ya). 5 Days in Bangkok was great with Tante Von, my aunty and Misya, my niece from Bogor around with us and another 2 days on the way back for medical check up.

And the rest in Bali, the place where we used to live for 4 years. Setiap tahun kami berusaha untuk mampir ke Bali yang mempunyai magnet dengan daya tariknya yang begitu dahsyat, pabrik magnet mana pun tidak mampu menyaingi kualitasnya. A place where you always want to return. Semestinya April kemarin pas mudik ke Bogor pingin rasanya mampir ke Bali, tapi karena 2 adik sedang sakit, trip ke Bali tidak dapat kami lakoni.

What we did in Bali ? Me-rewind all those things we used to do before. Visited Geger Beach again, ibu-ibu tukang massage yang tahu Cemara dari masih kecil kemarin terkaget-kaget melihat Cemara yang sudah sebesar sekarang. Bertemu lagi dengan teman-teman lama yang sudah seperti keluarga walau tidak semuanya :

(Sista Jezz, where have you been hiding, Dear ? – Buzz me when you have spare time ya. Our warmest regards to Ade, Kalyla and Mama.)

(Ruma, I promise you we will have a rendevous with Jezzy over the mouth watering Brownies Special at Cafe Batu Jimbar, Insya Allah next year ya).

Whatelse ? Visiting our favourite place to eat, having the same food like years ago, beads hunting with Dwi (Thank you so much, Dwi – for taking me around to all those beads’ shops up to Denpasar and stay in touch), etc. etc..

The one I like the most when we were in Bali : played golf with some friends at Nirwana Bali Golf in Tanah Lot, where I managed to get 3 PARs and 1 Birdie in PAR-5. I wonder how I could play that well, the course was so fresh for me and extremely difficult (naik turun, hardly to see the green when you tee-off) – maybe it was because the atmsophere in which indah….. indah banget can’t put it into words. The breathtaking view I saw there really made my jaw dropped. See the above picture, I had the ocean in my background …… mmmmh…… *speechless*.

Thank you so much much much, Pap for the holiday.

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