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Photo was taken on my last trip to Bagan, January 2007.
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Title : You are always in my mind

A new friend came over for dinner at our place tonight who happened to be a friend of ours who replaced Papap back in Mandalay. We had a good chit-chat, where we shared stories of our 7 years back in Myanmar. All of sudden the missing feeling came up again.

Mmmmh….. I miss ‘home’.

. . . you are always in my mind.

2 Responses

  • rani | May 25th, 2007 @ 18:49 | Reply

    hi bu,

    W.O.W!! I repeat WOW! *mengagumi hanoi lewat foto2 mbak Syl*

    still miss ‘home’ eh :)
    there is no place like home ( teringat mudik kemarin itu).

    sebentar lagi Mbak Syl akan feel at home juga, di Hanoi..very..very soon, (judging rom the beautiful pics)

  • Tari | May 30th, 2007 @ 04:32 | Reply

    Memang tidak ada tempat senyaman ” home”.

    Bis kayu…. diatas juga mengingatkan saya kan “home” di masa kecil dengan bis Esto.

    Lihat photo hitam putih Mbak Syl, saya jadi teringat juga seorang photographer yg suka akan BW yaitu Sebastiao Salgado ( )

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