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Filed under: The story behind | Tags: | June 11th, 2007

Photo was taken in U Bien Bridge, Amarapura
near Mandalay – Myanmar
Click photo for better viewing

Title : I miss ‘home’ . . . . .

It’s Sunday – my day was rolling in a slow phase mode.

I managed to sit down with a nice warm cup of tea while enjoying every page of the book we received yesterday called ‘Mandalay Memoirs’ – Musings on Myanmar written by Robert Hughes who is staying with us here, the property where Papap works. The book consists photographs taken in Myanmar and a short poem goes together with every photo. It is quite similar to what I have been doing with ‘The Story Behind’ of every pictures that I captured and upload in this blog.

The book took my mind flew to Mandalay ……

Then, I received an email from the filmmaker of Mystic Ball The Movie who is currently in Mandalay to join Waso Chinlone Festival. Hi, Greg ! Inviting me to join his fun boat party which I took part 2 years ago in Mandalay. I wish I could be there.

Greg’s email took my mind flew to Mandalay ……

My best buddy in Myanmar just came back from a photo hunting trip to Bago and shares me his pictures. Gorgeous photos that he got. Later on in the evening, he called us for a little chit-chat. Thank you for calling, Bon.

Again, his photos from Bago, took my mind flew to Mandalay ……

Oh, I think I miss ‘home’ . . . . .

I miss Mandalay . . . . .

When can I see you again . . . . .

4 Responses

  • retno | June 11th, 2007 @ 05:00 | Reply

    Syl,fotonya bagus-bagus. :smile:

  • Fairy | June 11th, 2007 @ 17:30 | Reply

    Mbak Syl! This photo is absolutely beautiful and I love it! The bikers on the bridge look like little Lego people!

  • Bonaray | June 14th, 2007 @ 20:46 | Reply

    Syl fotonya bagus deh ;-)

  • ida | June 19th, 2007 @ 23:55 | Reply

    alhamdulillah kabar ida baik, semoga Syl dan keluarga juga demikian. Kalau bicara foto² Syl, pokoke susah mengungkapkan dgn kata², kamu punya mata hati tertentu dlm membidik kamera.

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