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Title : Terazzo Tiles (Part 1)

I read Mbak Theresa’s post regarding tiles and reminded me that I have seen some gorgeous tiles here in Hanoi made of Terazzo. The above is one of ones I have seen – located in Bookworm, the first and friendliest English bookshop in Hanoi which sell over 4000 new and second hand books.

Last Sunday we went there since I promise Cemara that she could buy books there as much as she wants as her birthday present. She bought lots of Nancy Drew’s.

Anyway, the Terazzo tiles reminds me of my grandma’s old house. Once Papap’s work ends in Hanoi, I would love to bring these type of tiles, at least 1 square meter. Squeeze them all in between our trunks.

@};- Mbak Theresa, this post is dedicated for you ;).

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