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RIP : Buzz (25 March 2007)

Filed under: Deep inside | Tags: | March 26th, 2007

It has been more than 3 weeks that you completely lost your appetite. As if you also understand that we are leaving this country. Do you, Buzz ?

Yesterday, you were still able to move your hands. This morning I looked at you, you seemed had a nice sleep. I tried to touch your hands and talked to you but you kept on silent and still.

Oh… dear, the 2nd vet that you went to must have done something bad to you, Buzz.

Mr. Buzz
25 March 2007

Have a nice long sleep, Buzz.

You will be always in our heart. Compare to your friend, Mr. Crush – you were our Buzz who was tiny, gentle and soft even a little bit picky in terms of eating.