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One cloudy afternoon

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This interest of mine in photography has been left behind for a while I must say.  The cameras and lenses were sitting cold. The last time I really put a big effort in capturing moments when I went to Siem Reap Cambodia with a big group of photographers from 4 countries.  And that was in November 2008.  Till last month when I went to visit Sunda Kelapa Harbor for the first time.

When you have this mood in capturing moments right down to your nerves, no matter how the weather is – you will just keep on pursuing.  I was lucky indeed, the cloudy sky successfully dramatized the end result.

what’s showing?

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For sure the latest ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ the movie has not reached there yet.

The photo was taken at a local cinema in Heho Market, Central Myanmar.

The cinema was furnished with wooden benches and casually equipped with a simple television where the owner would screen a local movie from a VCD player.  The ticket price was Kyat 400 or Rp. 3000 during that period of time when i was there.

Being able to be there was just like coming out from a time machine.

But, it was so awesome to be able to be in a place where all were so different compared to our present life.

To be able to feel how amazed it was where no none could contact nor locate my where about.

To be able to observe how the locals lived their life.

To be able to smell the distinguished mixed fragrance of their soil, bettel nuts, and wooden fire smoke coming from small food stalls around the market.

To be able to get fascinated with the strain accent of their language in my ears.

To be able to feel differently when the sun penetrated the skin of my face.

To be able to capture beautiful rare moments with my camera.

Myanmar just had its general election next month, the first one after 20 years.

The country where I spent  more than 5 years of my life.

I would be back again one day….


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10 september

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it’s 10 september.
it’s my late-grandma’s birthday.
and it’s idul fitri today,
the first one for me and cemara
to be at home.
it’s so colorful, indeed.

to you :
happy idul fitri
please forgive of all the mistakes
that we might have done.
may you have and enjoy this beautiful festive season
with your loved ones.


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Dark fog smothers over the unblemished sky,
Summons all meaningless desecration.
Look at this innocence, utterly consumed.
Yet this old soul remains still-
Troubled with no resignation.
Embedded with patience

When a force of a barrier,
Seemingly invincible,
Attempts an unbreakable divide.
Such a greener grass dominates
And the sun nourished for the better.
While other disgraced- forgotten
Can you stop,
This authority.
Heads up in the air with no such matter.
Just look at this innocence, intoxicated.

Hear ye, set a sight on these two souls
And the wind sends a soothing sigh.
Such an exception emerges,
As this mystic object lands between.
So fragile to the eyes,
Yet strong all the same.

See this strength so significant,
What a power!
Stowed upon a loose string
And this time,
Watch it soar and kiss the stained sky.
What a power!
And it hushed the thunder.

As these souls cast their eyes above,
A question of hope emerges.
What could be,
Of a world soaring free.
Lands covered in a green harmony.
With no such barriers in between.

Watch them fly this object of strength,
With a promise of faith and love.
Said to conquer all

by cemara dinda
bogor, september 2009