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Wish List

Filed under: Deep inside | Tags: | May 21st, 2008

#:-S Yes, I do have a long wish list ! From conditions that I want to be, targets that I set to be accomplished and things that are awesome to have. One by one, slowly has been materialized from upgrading my sport equipments to the recent lab test that I did in this hospital where I have undergone a particular surgery back in November 2006 also there. I was so relieved when opening the email of the lab test result from the hospital : things are ok and normal.

@-) In the meantime, I could not also put have any wish to upgrade my photography gears. But, I would love to upgrade my household type of mixer. Look at the above lovely, cute and beautiful KitchenAid Stand Mixer. It’s pink ! If I place one of Cemara’s Barbie or her Pink Panther doll and pinkish decorated cupcakes next to the mixer – it would be a perfect match, huh? KitchenAid Stand Mixer is also available in metallic color too, check out the website.

And one more wish, one more . . . I am wishing the same dream with Rio – keeping my fingers cross. I will make sure to set my alarm at 2 am tonight before I go to bed, so I could watch you guys.

Btw, my daughter Cemara told me about this dancing song. She could dance with this song and teach me a little bit especially when the lyric comes to low… low… low… I have to stand as if I stands on the surfing board. Right feet at the front, bend my knees a bit, raise my 2 hands as if I am balancing my weight. When the lyric comes to low… low… low… I have to lower down my knees even lower low… low… low…

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