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Filed under: Special Day | Tags: | May 22nd, 2008

Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea
Man Utd win 6-5 on penalties

Horraaaayyyy….. !

It’s such a pity that I missed to watch the live match this early morning. I set my alarm at 2 am, but could only manage to turn it off. Went to bed at midnight after accompanied Cemara while she studied for Exam week. Today is her last exam day, yay…! Let’s watch some DVDs together tonight, Ka. Then, I made Baked Macaroni for her to take to school. I was too tired.

This morning before I headed to the kitchen to prepare Cemara’s breakfast and her lunch box, I quickly opened MU Website and BBC Sport to read a little more details. Mmmmh… as always there were incidents when these two clubs meet.

But, Papap who is currently away sent me an sms when the match finished.
We won . . . !

Horraaaayyyy….. !

– – –
I must watch the match re-play today.
Image from : here
See how the fans reacted here, they’re so happy, like me.
Don’t you know that Christiano Ronaldo could ‘fly’ ?: (the photo was taken at 26th minute when he made the goal)

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