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Title : Interesting Signage

The above picture was taken at the old Don Muang International Airport (since September 28, 2006 Bangkok has Suvarnabhumi as their new Airport). I saw a closed counter of Air Madagascar. I wonder if it is always stayed closed (we were quite early on that morning to catch the flight to Bali) or this airline does really operate from Bangkok to Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. Or perhaps it will only help passengers who have connection flight with Air Madagascar. Anyway…

The above signage caught my eyes since me, Papap dan Cemara love the movie so much – I can’t count how many time we watched that movie and never get bored. I remember when Cemara had to ask Mr. Google to know exatcly where it is located, since I told her that Madagascar is somewhere near India (it was Sri Lanka the one in my mind). “Mama, I think you are wrong” …. that’s what she said.

Our favourite character in that movie is King Julian. What’s yours?

I like to move it …..
Move it ….
Move it

Sssst…. can’t you keep a secret? This movie is one of Cemara’s favourites and our andalan – she has grown, sleep in her own room and love her bed so much. But, me and Papap sometimes miss the feeling of having her sleep together in our room like the old days. Nah.. if this missing feeling is really haunting us, we play this movie in our room at the end she will always sleep with us ;).

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