the story of a lady and a young woman


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Dark fog smothers over the unblemished sky,
Summons all meaningless desecration.
Look at this innocence, utterly consumed.
Yet this old soul remains still-
Troubled with no resignation.
Embedded with patience

When a force of a barrier,
Seemingly invincible,
Attempts an unbreakable divide.
Such a greener grass dominates
And the sun nourished for the better.
While other disgraced- forgotten
Can you stop,
This authority.
Heads up in the air with no such matter.
Just look at this innocence, intoxicated.

Hear ye, set a sight on these two souls
And the wind sends a soothing sigh.
Such an exception emerges,
As this mystic object lands between.
So fragile to the eyes,
Yet strong all the same.

See this strength so significant,
What a power!
Stowed upon a loose string
And this time,
Watch it soar and kiss the stained sky.
What a power!
And it hushed the thunder.

As these souls cast their eyes above,
A question of hope emerges.
What could be,
Of a world soaring free.
Lands covered in a green harmony.
With no such barriers in between.

Watch them fly this object of strength,
With a promise of faith and love.
Said to conquer all

by cemara dinda
bogor, september 2009

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