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New Toy : Ello – Junggala

Filed under: Cemara | Tags: | January 27th, 2005

Last weekend, Aunty Susan (Mama’s Friend) arrived from Swiss and brought me the surprise from Mama. She was away with her family for 2 months. When she was away, Mama told me that she had a surprise present for me. Mama asked Aunty Susan to buy in Swiss for me.

It is Ello, Jungala Edition. If I see the box, it is written the factory name is Mattel – the same one with Barbie’s factory.

We right away opened the box and finished the thing until late. I am so happy with it. Thank you, Mama. Thank you, Aunty Susan.

We can make a lot of creation with this Ello, and will try make another one.

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