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Back on stage

Filed under: Deep inside | Tags: | March 25th, 2008

After a while of being away, Cemara was back on stage during an event held at Sedona Suites Hanoi lobby. She loves to perform, not for fame though, but simply to do the things she likes most; to play music and express herself with her music.

It is with pride and joy to see our girl has the confidence to go on stage and express herself her way. She keeps practicing nearly every time, learning to play wide variety of songs. And the fact that she also plays other instruments such as drums helps her in understanding and playing music.

And when she sang ‘To be with you’ of Mr. Big that evening, she took us back to the time when we were just a couple of people trying to sort out the life ahead of us together. It is magic what a song could do to people. And it brings the warmth of love when your own daughter plays and sings the song years after you first listened to the song.

One grown-up day she will know what this song means to her parents.

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