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Begin 2007 with 80's spirit

Filed under: Deep inside | Tags: | January 13th, 2007

It’s Saturday afternoon.

I still have a long list of things to do – another CF card to be downloaded from my recent photo hunting trip. Bunch and bunches of beads are waiting for my fingers to be put together into nice designs for Estrella Ethnic Accesories Counter. An article to be submitted before Wednesday next week for WRM. Been promising myself to clean all the kitchen drawers and cupboards. My cookie monsters are dying – waiting for me to bake some cookies (cookie monsters read : as Papap and Cemara) Another photo session with Sedona Hotel Mandalay tomorrow morning and the list still goes on and on.

But, still I could not resist myself for not sharing you all what I am feeling right now – how my new year has been started and spiced with the 80s songs spirits.

It was started when Ferdi arrived in Mandalay from Afghanistan for a short holiday – where we managed to copy tonnes of those oldies song from his MP3 player. Fer, stay in touch, ya. He has a collections of all those songs such from Chumbawamba. Definetely you will at least hear once in your life of their (I got knocked down, but I get up again ……). Sista Jezz, this song always reminds me of you. All the best for the new job, Sis – thank you for the 5 gorgeous t-shirts, love them all – write to me ya.

Then, The Lighthouse Family with their forever you and me …... Cousin Isye, …. listening to this song reminds me of our old days in high school as shown in the picture above – driving back home to Bogor via Jagorawi highway in a heavy rain and was very worried since petrol indicator showed us a critical level he..he..he… Miss you much, Sye – I will be home soon.

Mbak Susie, another friend has just arrived few days ago from holiday with bunch of CDs including her collections which she downloaded from her computer back home. Mamamia, her collection is just awesome – such as : Stand By Me by Ben E. King – love the movie with the same title. Then, Girls just want to have fun by Cindy Lauper, plus Whitney Houson with her I wanna dance with somebody. Such a very energetic song! Pap, remember one afternoon with this song during the old days where you danced?

Oh…. I must say the 80s rocks :cool:.

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