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First post in 2008

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Friends are angels on Earth.

One of the angles called me all the way with half day time difference from Lima, Peru. Yanire is an old friend – we used to live together in Mandalay, where she left me earlier heading for Sri Lanka and now waiting for the next mission in March for Colombia. Thank you for the call, Dear. Miss you all so much. Please do not forget to send the photos of my ‘sons’.

Later on in the evening, I found an envelope under my door – with Senegal’ stamps on. Nowadays, where all the things could be done virtually by email or sms, another good friend still adopts a nice sweet conventional way in remembering us by sending me a new year card, this time from Dakar, capital city of Senegal where he worked. Thank you, Fer – please send me another one from Chad, where your next mission is. If you read this post, sms me your Jakarta’s hand phone number please.

I wonder how much the loss that let’s say Hallmark Cards experienced with the current condition where everyone prefers sending electronic cards instead.

I remember my father in law once told me – he was one of the person who did not like e-cards at all, he told me the beauty of sending a real card is so meaningful. The efforts in thinking to send one; the time to go to the card shop plus selecting which one would be the right one; the smile while reading all those sweet lines in each card that we try to select; writing more messages on the card; including licking the envelope (I do lick them 😉 ); going to the post office; and the compliment we will get from the person we sent the card to. Such a long process but, they are beautiful, aren’t they?.

I must admit that I am a person who is very bad in keeping in touch with friends even with the existences of technology of e-cards and sms. But, everywhere I go my eyes are always fascinated with the beauty of blank cards and letter papers. At least the willingness to buy them is a sign of good intention to send the cards/letters, isn’t it?.

Now, it’s 2008. I better be more organized and start to learn sending card/postcards to friends and families.

Email me your address, then.

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