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Filed under: Deep inside | Tags: | November 2nd, 2006

I am scheduled to leave for Yangon this coming Sunday and to Bangkok on Monday morning. Nope, it ain’t for a photo hunting trip.

The photo of teddy bear which I got it from googling may give a little bit picture of my condition.

I am sick.
But ….. I don’t feel anything.
Ah ….. I am fine, real fine.

Mmmh ….. am I really sick ?
I don’t know.

Anyway, the result of my last yearly medical check up which I did last September at Women’s Center in here gave me and Papap a shocking email in the middle of Ramadhan.

I have my fingers cross, hoping that nothing is seriously happening inside my body and I don’t have to stay in the hospital, lying in bed like the teddy bear, all alone by myself some more since I will be going alone leaving my Always and Cemara in Mandalay.

Ya Allah, please give me all the strengths ……

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