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Asia Quake & 'Selamat' Tahun Baru

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It was Sunday morning, when the earthquake and tsunami hit South East Asia Region. For us whom are currently living up here in Mandalay, Myanmar – also experienced the earthquake. I was still in the bed – It was around 7.30 in the morning and suddently I felt the bed shaking – quite hard in fact. Since the quake was getting harder, automatically I screamed – thank God it was not a long one, it stopped.

Then the 2nd quake hit us again, I told Papap that we have to get out from the apartment unit since we are staying on the ground floor of 5 stories Hotel Building. I run to Cemara‘s bedroom – woke her up and told her to come out immediately with me to the terrace – while Papap run to the lobby to check the situation and the condition of the Hotel where he works.

Both of me and Cemara were in our pyjamas and socks on – standing still at the terrace. I also saw the water inside the pot of my lotus plant was shaking. Cemara was still halfly awoke and wondered what happened. Later on, Papap came back after checking the Hotel building and checked diesel in which stored under the ground to run the generator. The swimming pool water was also poured out.

We wondered if the recent earthquake was already covered in the news. Papap logged in to the internet and we knew from Detiknews that the epicenter of the quake was in Aceh : one of the biggest one in nearly half century.

My deepest condolences to all the victims back home in Indonesia and other countries.

If you would like to donate the victims in Aceh, you may also send your donation via Posko Blogger Family. Details found here.

Let’s save our New Year’s party expenses, to help the earthquake and tsunami victims.


Keluarga Cemara is :

Wishing you a

Happy, Healthy and Safe

2005 !

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