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Beading, is one of my interests that I love to do. But, the fact is that I haven’t been making anything that much lately. Last winter, I managed to teach some ladies basic jewelry making. And every time I meet them – they always have new creations and all are awesome – making me very proud of you all. I have shared my knowledge of jewelry making that I am enjoying so much to others and the same goes to them.

Summer is just around the corner with high temperature and humidity level. I would not be having so much fun to go out for photo hunting. Instead, I think it would be better to stay at home, making my own necklaces, bracelets, etc. I am thinking to change some design of my existing accessories, cut them, take out all the beads and re-arrange them in new design. Mmmmh… I am so exciting now.

And perhaps, I could also bake something nice in the morning to accompany my coffee while designing all those pretty things in the afternoon.

Do you want to join me ?

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