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Falling in Love

Filed under: Emak-General | Tags: | October 3rd, 2006

That’s the title of the movie I watched this morning, released in 1984.

A drama romance kind of movie, which I am a big fond of it. It has been a while that I haven’t been able to sit peacefully and pamper myself for a good movie at home. Tones things to do as always, running here and there. Being a stay at home mom who has too much things to be done, quite making me busy every single day.

Whilst tidying up our tiny little apartment, I tried to absorb the World and Indonesia news in which always made me taking a deep breath. I immediately switched on the tv to other channel – to recharge my mind. Then, on the other channel this movie was about to start. Looking at the names of Robert de Niro and Meryl Streep, of course this movie was a big bang back 22 years ago.

Mmmh…. It’s also been ages I haven’t seen any movie which has lots of spices called love: looking at the eyes of someone who is falling in love is so mind-blowing for me, the power of the longing feeling which come out naturally, the anxiety to see each other again, be in uncertainty kind of feeling whether they should go on with the relationship, etc. etc.

I closed my eyes very tight to the dirty dishes mounting in the sink, our up-side-down bedrooms and my messy working desk ever. Run quickly to the bedroom, grabbed myself a nice warm bed pillow and simply laid down in the sofa and enjoying the movie, such a nice sweet thing I did this morning to kick my day.

Hey, something in which coincident and unplanned sometime is sweet and wonderful, isn’t it ?

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