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Skinny Jeans

Filed under: Emak-General | Tags: | December 20th, 2004

What is the size of your jeans – let’s say 7 years ago ? Hu…hu…hu…. If that question goes to me, hardly for me to answer it since it is too bad to be true…. (But, it is true, Syl.).

Last night I watched the DVD of SATC Seasons 6 – and there was Miranda who still keeps her old times jeans in which I bet that the size was smaller, she called it Skinny Jeans. Mmmh (my mind flew away to my cupboard back home where my old jeans sit), in that episode it was mentioned that nearly every woman still keeps their Skinny Jeans in their cupboard (I do, do you?) and wishing that one day they will fit in it again (I have been wishing for 4 years and the wish never comes true).

When I watched this particular episode of SATC – Wow! The story of Skinny Jeans is so me pisan…..

I have my Skinny Jeans which I used to wear in 2000 – they are all size 29 – still in a good conditions and nicely sitting in my cupboard back home in Bogor. Usually these jeans had a good relationship with my black leather belt (but it seems that my black leather belt does not want to cooperate with my current jeans anymore – it does not want to go out at all – prefers to hide inside the drawer rather than making a nice relationship with its old buddies, my black leather belt and T-Shirts).

Mmmh, It was only 4 years ago that I can put them on but now, after 4 years …….. my size is slowly expanding to 31.

Hu…hu…hu…. Does it mean that every 4 years I will have to grow 2 sizes bigger ? (Oh no…. please… don’t) I think I should go back on track again (Yes, you better move now, Syl – plus you also don’t want to have all your clubs get rusted, do you?) – doing my regular exercise at soonest.

Gosh, I just realized that I have not been doing any exercise ever since the fasting month started.

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