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hello from manado

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it’s been over a month i am here in manado. cemara is still having another 2 weeks holiday. she has obtained an open water diving course from euro divers. thanks a zillion to pak moel, for all your assistance! some of her underwater photos (courtesy of pak moel) could be found on my flickr.

i salute cemara for learning how to dive ! now she could do one thing that both of her parents could not do, diving. keep on rocking girl !

how’s the holiday ? it’s been great.
blue sky, white cotton clouds, sea breeze, warm sands, good food to name a few. i could not ask for more. holiday is also the best time for me to read books.

just finished eat, pray, love by elizabeth gilbert, thanks for the memories by cecelia ahern (the author of p.s. i love you) and i managed to get divortiare by ika natassa from gramedia in here. i highly recommend the last book ! ika, thank you for sending the extended version. can’t wait for your 3rd book. the next one awaits : the beach house by jane green.

oh.. let me tell you, do you want to know the bad thing about the holiday?
i am loosing my photography interest.

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