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Title : A good start of the day

At last I am back from a long baking hiatus. One cake that I keep on making it again and again is Apple Yogurt Cake. We simply don’t get bored with it and its freshness gets along very well with my morning and afternoon coffee.

Furthermore, in most of the morning now I bake minimum a dozen muffins. Muffin is very fast to make. No mixer is required, isn’t it ? So Kaka Cemara could take it to school for her and her friends’ snack. Yes, they do exchange snacks in the school.

When I was a kid I used to read lots of story books. There would be a character of a mother who cooks or bakes some cakes for her daughter to take to school. In my real life at that time it was a luxury – I could not have it. Now I am so grateful that I can do it for Cemara. You are such a very lucky girl, Darling.

Definetely, its quite a hectic activities in the kitchen every morning, since I have to prepare her lunch box too. But, for me personally, there would not be anything more beautiful in the morning than having a house full of good smell of cakes coming out from the oven.

It’s just so awesome to start your day with a good kick with a good cake smell that stays for few hours on your mind ~O).

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