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(Seri #118) : The Story Behind

Filed under: The story behind | Tags: | February 28th, 2008

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Title : Langoan Market Photo Series #6

Known as Ikan Roa or Roa fish – I just googled it, and I found out that Roa fish is actually smoked Garfish. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The photo is still from Langoan Market – Roa fishes are sold in its unique packaging – inside a bamboo frame, the local called it gepe. How many gepe do you want ?

I brought tonnes (I wish I could) of Ikan Roa to Hanoi. A relative was so kind, peeled its skin and preparing boneless Ikan Roa for me, in a nicely wrapped-ready-to fly kind of packaging.

Mmmmh, . . Spicy Fried Rice with Ikan Roa sounds so yummy for dinner !

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