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(Seri #32) : Photo Bercerita

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Judul : Wishing

It’s summer time in Mandalay where by the temperature might shoot up to around 40 degrees, the flowers are all blooming beautifully. But….

Dengan cuaca di Mandalay yang panas kering terik, hembusan angin pun terasa terlalu hangat di wajah, I wish I could fly to Inle Lake now.

Photo di atas di ambil di Inle Lake bulan Februari lalu. Udara di sana sangat sejuk, with a huge Inle Lake arround you, amazing blue skies spoiling your eyes every day, hembusan angin yang sejuk, fresh vegetables and fruits are within reached easily, with tasty fish from the lake some more aiyayaiyayai……. What else you wanna ask …..

I could only wish and wish…….

Hoping the summer will be over soon.

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