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Title : Local Coffee

Back home, you could enjoy a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Or a cup from Black Canyon Coffee, a Thai based Francaised Coffee House. They have one outlet too back in my Mandalay in which only few steps away from where we used to live ;).

Now, in Vietnam I could enjoy a nice good kicking cup of coffee from their local Highlands Coffee House – you may find their outlets everywhere. If you happen to be here and longing for the smell of brewing coffee, simply visit one of their outlets. The one located on a floating boat by the West Lake (Tay Ho) and very near to where we live has gorgeous view.

Mmmh….. why couldn’t we have one back at home ? Kapal Api, Torabika Coffee Houses are just to named a few. Or ? *Sigh* Talking about coffee, now I miss kopi tubruk which I always buy from Pasar Anyar in Bogor :(.

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