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Title : Bát Tràng Ceramic Village

This morning, I visited Bát Tràng Ceramic Village located in the suburban outskirts of Hanoi. The area of the village rich of clay that could be used for making fine ceramic. If you are a big fans of Japanese style kind of chinawares and happen to be here, you have to visit this village where they sell millions’ varieties till you get confused which ones to buy. Most of the ceramic producers in this village export their goods to overseas market.

The picture above is just one corner which made me confused this morning. I felt like taking them all back home.

What about the price ? The flower vases on the lower shelf, their price starts from US$ 3.00 each while for the plates if you are good in bargaining, you may get them at US$ 1.00 for 2 pieces. What do you think ?

And by now I know where do they get the coffee cups that I often see in some of the coffee shops here in Hanoi ;).

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