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(Seri #78) : The story behind

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Title : She smiles

After over a month, finally our personal effects from Mandalay reached us up here in Hanoi.

I have been unloading 10 trunks since they arrived 3 days ago – last night was the worst one since I pushed myself that I have to finish them. No more trunks scattering all over the living room. Enough.

Papap was not at home last night. Cemara helped me with ironing. While me? Drowning in between the trunks. It was a tiring night with tears dropping some more, because I listened to Zaw Win Htut, Myanmar’s legend singer from his CD I got inside the trunks. I used to listen to his CD back in Mandalay and got a chance also to see him live singing my favourite song and had a chit-chat with him and his family. Now…. I gathered all of our stuff from Myanmar and listening to his songs made all the tears coming out.

To cure the missing feeling of Mandalay and Myanmar – I made myself a cup of Myanmar Teamix. Hiks… 🙁 – the tea quite healed me a bit. I closed my eyes, while sipping the tea bit by bit, imagining that I was ‘home’ in Mandalay.

Oh… anyway I also found another 30 sachets of Myanmar Royal teamix inside the trunks. Should be enough if the missing feeling haunts me again – just in case.

I saw a smile on her face when I opened Cemara’s trunk, – filled with all her books, dolls and her other stuff. She also spent few days putting the stuff in her bedroom like the old one back in Mandalay.

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