back at home where we belong

the story of a lady and a young woman

1 to the other

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like those baskets of flowers
which lining up one after another

like encumbrances in our life
simply one after another

like a long queue of things to do in life
from one to the other

like this quote “life was like a box of chocolates.
you never know what you’re gonna get.”
forrest gump

come what may . . .

*photo taken in 052009
bandungan flower market

someday . . .

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in the future…

i would love to sit downon that leather couch again
while it’s raining outside
exchanging stories

in the future…

*photo taken in 052009


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i have been very busy.

i haven’t been doing so much in the kitchen.

no baking, no attempt in trying new recipes.

no beads making.

no golfing.

not so much good photos that i produce.

no writing, no poems as you might notice.

i have been very bad for not replying emails, messages, sms from dear friends. please forgive me.  i haven’t even updated all of you with my new cell number. yes, i have been very bad. i would love to meet you in person but i keep on failing to squeeze myself a time. 

my computer keeps on out of order, few days it was ok and now it’s kaput again.

nothing much basically.

i haven’t been doing anything that i like since august last year.

but…. i just picked up knitting at least.

it’s been over 4 months since i left manado.

the above photo was taken mid this year, it’s a kind of a knocked on my head that i must soon go back on track.

yes, you must syl . . .

My Engine

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cemara who turned 15 years old last august

my engine, to keep me rolling 

be always my proud one, nak . . .

Hello from Bogor

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hello… yes, it’s been over 2 months since me and cemara moved down to bogor from manado. slowly settling down and would definitely write more again once my apple is soon back on my lap.  in the meantime, it’s awesome to be back at home in bogor after 20 years…