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Book Review : The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline Wilson

Filed under: Cemara | Tags: | July 2nd, 2005

I love Illustrated Mum. It hink it’s a wonderful and memorable story for older readers. It’s a bit serious story. Not like girls, boys fashion…. and bla… bla… It’s a mother – daughter story. Jacqueline Wilson is one of my favourite authors. This story is about a mother who has two daughters, Star and Doplhin. The mother has tatoos all over her bodies, her name is Marigold. Start doesn’t like her mother, she thinks she is a useless mother. Dophin loves Marigold, she thinks she is the best mother in the whole world. Marigold also has a boyfriend. Well if you read it, you’re going to love it. Even it’s a kind sad story… though.

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